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Aug 23

The Importance of Water Sanitation

feature-1Water needs to be sanitized to ensure that it is free from harmful organisms and bacteria and can be used for human consumption. There are different process of sanitizing water with different process involves but the the end product should always be safe and for Human consumption. Read More→

May 15

A Step by Step Guide on How Water is being Treated

feature-2Water can be treated depends on it’s use, weather it is for human consumption, vehicle, plant or simply for cleaning a part of the house or garden. if you are to treat or disinfect water for drinking the cheapest and most well known procedure is through Boiling. Read More→

Feb 24

The Danger of Drinking Contaminated Water

feature-3Contaminated water are those water that are found to positively have a harmful content of microorganism or bacteria in a water for drinking. This water could harm all living organism with low resistance including humans and could lead to sickness or even death if not treated. Read More→